Grinder Router Bits, FWB premium
  • Application: All Natural Stone, Tile, Masonry
  • Grinder router bits have a female 5/8” arbor that threads onto any grinder to profile marble, porcelain, block and granite. Each bit has 2 independent steel (not plastic) bearings so they can be run wet or dry. The shaping is done with high quality, large particulate diamonds that are brazed to the body of the bit. Top quality components equal top quality performance!
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    3/4 Radius x 5/8-11
    3/8 Radius x 5/8-11
    30mm Bullnose x 5/8-11
    1/2” Bevel x 5/8-11
    1" Radius x 5/8-11
    25mm x 5/8-11